Payment is via PayPal only.  You may use a credit card when going through PayPal.  A PayPal account is not required to process credit cards, simply select the “don’t have a PayPal account” option during checkout. Florida residents will be charged 6.25% sales tax.

Snakes must be paid for in full before shipping.  After the snake is paid for I will contact you to make shipping arrangements.  Failure to accept shipment within 30 days (unless caused by weather or agreed to in advance) will be considered abandonment, and all monies will be forfeited to me.


Shipping is done via FedEx Priority Overnight, with a next-day delivery by 10:30 in most locations.  Shipping will cost a flat fee of $50, to a FedEx Staffed location, (hold for pick-up only) and includes an appropriately-sized new or like-new insulated box with 1/2″ or 3/4″ styrofoam, an appropriately-sized container inside for each snake, packing material and heat or cold packs if necessary.  I am a FedEx Certified Live Reptile Shipper and all packaging will be in accordance with FedEx standards.

I will only ship if the temperature at the destination is between 45F and 90F.  I reserve the right to delay shipping if weather conditions are not safe.  I ship Monday and Tuesday only, and do not ship on holiday weeks.  I will not knowingly ship any snakes in violation of state and/or local laws.  You are responsible for knowing the regulations in your location.  I can only ship to the continental United States.

My Guarantees

All snakes will be healthy and will have had a minimum of three successful feedings of appropriately-sized frozen/thawed prey unless otherwise stated at time of sale.  Please read and understand the caresheet prior to purchase.  If you have any questions regarding feeding or care, please contact SnickerSnakes via e-mail before a problem develops.

I offer a live arrival guarantee and a health/sex guarantee. Each is described in detail below. Please read ALL policies below prior to placing your order. Exchange of money signifies acceptance of these policies. Failure to adhere to these policies will void all guarantees. Guarantees apply only to the original purchaser and destination (named on the invoice) and are not transferable.

Live Arrival Guarantee

As I cannot guarantee that proper care is being provided once the snake leaves my facility, I can only guarantee live arrival. Exchange of money and/or acceptance of a shipping date signifies acceptance of these policies.  The three conditions of the live arrival guarantee:

1) An adult must be present to receive the shipment on the first delivery attempt.

All shipments are sent “signature required,” no exceptions. This is a contractual obligation of all FedEx certified live reptile shippers.  I always recommend the shipment be sent “hold for pickup” to the nearest FedEx Staffed Center. Shipments held for pickup in this manner will be guaranteed live delivery by SnickerSnakes, even if picked up later in the day.  These shipments are available much earlier than those sent out on the truck!  Please check your FedEx preferences prior to arranging shipment because generally they will just leave a package, potentially without even
knocking, if they have your signature on file.  My shipping agreement requires you to physically receive and sign for the snake as soon as it gets off the truck.

2) The forecast daily high temperature for your location on the delivery date must be in the 45°F to 90°F range.  The forecast daily low temperature in your location must be above 45°F.

No guarantees are provided if the forecast daily high is outside the 45°F to 90°F range. You will need to assist me in scheduling your shipment during periods of extreme weather. While delays in scheduling a shipment may seem unbearable, they are nothing compared to opening a box containing a prized baby snake only to find it dead. For areas where temperatures outside this range are expected, I may, based upon the weather forecast, allow the shipment be sent “hold for pickup” to the nearest FedEx Staffed Center.

3) The FedEx expected arrival time for the delivery location must be listed as between 8:00AM and 12:00PM (Noon).

Actual time of arrival varies by location, but is by 10:30AM or 12:00PM (Noon) in most areas. Shipments to rural locations, listed as by 4:30PM expected arrival times, spend excessive time on delivery trucks and run a higher risk of death to the snake. For areas where later delivery times are the norm, SnickerSnakes will require the shipment to be sent “hold for pickup” to the nearest FedEx Staffed Center.

FedEx Priority Overnight shipments are not guaranteed by the carrier. SnickerSnakes guarantees live arrival for these shipments, provided the above conditions are met. You MUST contact me within 2 hours of receipt of the shipment regarding losses. Please provide a description of the condition of the shipment. Digital photographic proof of loss will be required at a minimum, and I reserve the right to request return of the frozen snake to me. Shipping costs are not refundable by me (although FedEx may elect to do so if they are at fault for delays). I must file claim on this and if approved by FedEx, I will forward your refund to you immediately upon receipt by me.

Health and Sexing Guarantee

I provide a 48-hour inspection period. This period allows for veterinary inspection of your purchase to verify health and sex. Conditions of the health and sexing guarantee:

1) Delivery must be made in compliance with all terms of the live arrival guarantee above.

2) All claims of improper health must be made to me within 48 hours of shipment receipt.

I will replace any snake deemed unhealthy by a licensed veterinarian during this 48 hour period with another of the same type.  The original snake shall be returned to SnickerSnakes at the customer’s expense.  The replacement snake will be shipped at my expense.  If another of the same type is not available, the customer will receive a full refund of the purchase price of the snake.  Shipping costs are not refundable.

3) All claims of improper sexing must be made to me within 48 hours of shipment receipt.

I will replace any snake  sold as “guaranteed male” or “guaranteed female” deemed improperly sexed by a licensed veterinarian during this 48 hour period with another of the same type.  The veterinarian must determine sex by popping a hatchling or probing an adult; guessing by tail shape or some other method is not acceptable. If another of the same type is not available, you may elect to return the snake within seven days for a full refund.

4) All claims of improper sexing not made by licensed veterinarians are subject to the following conditions:

Applies to only to snakes sold as “guaranteed male” or “guaranteed female.” The snake shall be returned to me for evaluation at the customer’s expense. Should the snake prove correctly sexed as sold, it shall be returned to the customer at customer’s expense. Failure to arrange prompt return and prepay for return shipping charges within seven days shall constitute forfeiture of ownership to SnickerSnakes, with no compensation due. Should the snake prove incorrectly sexed as sold, a company credit shall be given towards future purchases, including the return shipping charges incurred by the customer.

5) I cannot guarantee that snakes will feed within the 48 hour guarantee period.

In fact, I recommend against attempting it. Please let the snake settle into its new home for about a week before trying to feed it. All guaranties are voided if you attempt to feed the snake within 48 hours of receipt.

Take-back Policy

If at any time you find yourself unable to care for your healthy snake and are unable to find a suitable home, please contact me and I will take the snake back.  Please do not release any reptiles into the wild for any reason.

I reserve the right to change my terms at any time.  I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

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Flat Rate $50 Overnight, Hold At Nearest FedEx

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