Okeetee Tessera x Extreme Okeetee

By a stroke of great fortune I am now the proud owner of a 2010 male Tessera bred by Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles. Thank you Don for this amazing opportunity!!! I decided that the best way to take advantage of Gartersnake’s exceptional Okeetee characteristics would be to find the absolute best Extreme Okeetee female out there. I sought out Graham Criglow, Strange Cargo Exotics, and am awaiting shipment on a 2010 daughter of his amazing Halloween Okeetee.  I already have a 2011 son, Raven, who is simply stunning.  Madras, the spectacular Aberrant Abbott Okeetee, is here on loan from Jarrett Kime and Troy Crosby of The Cornnection.  We can’t wait to see what Gartersnake and Madras produce!  There may be a mating between Gartersnake and Starling- that’s still to be determined.  UPDATE!  Madras has shed- it looks like she and Gartersnake will be the couple that kicks off the SnickerSnakes 2013 season!

Gartersnake 2010 M Tessera

Raven 2011 M Okeetee

Madras 2010 F Abbott’s Okeetee

Lavender Bloodred Stripe:

Here on breeding loan from Low Belly Reptiles are two Rich Hume Bloodreds, het Hypo Lavender Stripe. I’m excited to include the male, Ancho, and the female, Aji, in my breeding group! Ancho and Aji’s 2011 offspring included one Plasma Stripe and several stunning Bloodred Stripes, as well as a Plasma and lots of Bloodreds, and the 2012 hatchlings include two Plasmas and 11 Bloodreds  UPDATE!! I have added a male Lavender Bloodred 100% het Stripe to the group. His name is Gator and he was bred by Rich Hume. Gator is completely unrelated to the LBR Bloodred pair. We’ll be changing things up a bit for 2013. Gator will be paired with Aji for a better shot at Plasma Stripes, and if mature enough, Hyacinth, the 2011 Plasma Stripe will be tested for Hypo.  STATUS: Waiting for Aji and Hyacinth to get in the mood!

Ancho 2009 M Bloodred het Hypo Lavender Stripe


Aji 2009 F Bloodred het Hypo Lavender Stripe

Gator 2011 M Lavender Bloodred het Stripe


Hyacinth 2011 F Lavender Bloodred Stripe

Miami Motley (Fully Striped):

El Wray and Zora are pure Huddleston Miamis. I am very excited to breed this couple and produce some Fully-Striped Miami Mots of my own! UPDATE!! A new male has joined the line-up! El Pollo Loco is a Fully-Striped Miami Motley from Low Belly Reptiles. I plan to breed him with Zora in 2013.  UPDATE:  Loco and Zora are now breeding!

El Wray 2008 M Miami Motley Het Amel


El Pollo Loco 2011 M Miami Motley


Zora 2009 F Miami Pinstripe Motley


Tessera x Peppermint and Peppermint Motley

When I acquired Firefly, Red Factor Tessera het Cayenne Fire, from John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, it became obvious that he should replace Gartersnake as the sire of the Peppermint Tessera project. Carol and I will be a step ahead, hatching Amel Tesseras het Cinder in the first generation. Although we need to wait a year for Firefly to grow up, I still have hopes that Carol and I will be the first to produce an exciting new Tessera morph in the F2 generation. After the Tessera project is off the ground Petunia will meet her new mate, Sweet Pea, in 2014. Sweet Pea is the first of only two Peppermint (Amel Cinder) Motleys hatched to date.  UPDATE:  Firefly and Petunia are set to breed in 2013!

Firefly 2011 M Red Factor Tessera het Amel Bloodred


Sweet Pea 2011 M Peppermint Motley

Petunia 2009 F Peppermint


Hypo Avalanche Stripe:

Pepper is Rich Hume stock, of the finest quality. Annabelle, a Hypoblood of Rich Hume stock is here on loan from John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns. **UPDATE**With the unexpected 2011 hatching of a Ghost Bloodred Stripe, Pepper has been proven homo Hypo. The 2012 hatchlings arrived on June 1st! There is one Hypo Avalanche male still available!

Pepper 2007 M Hypo Avalanche Stripe

Annabelle 2008 F Hypo Bloodred het Amel, Anery, Stripe


Lava Bloodred Stripe:

Pepper is a gorgeous Hypo Avalanche Stripe of Rich Hume stock. He has been paired with Suri, a female Lava Bloodred of Rich Hume stock in 2012. Yggdrasil is a male Lava Bloodred from Captains Colubrids (Joe Novak) stock. After the F1 Lavablood Stripes are hatched and growing, I will concentrate on breeding Lava Bloodreds beginning in 2013. Suri, 2009 Lava Bloodred, was tested for Anery and Stripe, and is not het for those genes.

Pepper 2007 M Avalanche Stripe

Yggdrasil 2009 M Lava Bloodred

Suri 2009 F Lava Bloodred

Milksnake Phase Miami:

Milksnake is my aptly-named home-bred Milksnake Phase Miami, out of El Wray and Cherry. I hadn’t intended to start a Milksnake Phase project, but this boy changed my mind!! He’s het motley too! Candy Cane is his surprise Amel brother. Would you call that an Albino Milksnake? :-) UPDATE!! 15 Miami or Milksnake Phase hatchlings and 2 Candy Canes, hatched June 1st. Lots of nice Miamis, one Milksnake Phase, and one Candy Cane are still available. UPDATE!! Catalina has been selected from this gorgeous clutch and will be staying at SnickerSnakes to further refine the Milksnake Phase line.

Milksnake 2010 M Milksnake Phase Miami Het Amel

Candy Cane 2010 M Amel Milksnake Phase

Cherry 2005 F Milksnake Phase Miami Het Amel


Catalina 2012 F Milksnake Phase Miami


Bloodred Tessera and Lavender Tessera:

Firefly was produced by Colorado Corns, and is Red Factor het Cayenne Fire (selectively-bred Amel Bloodred). I’m hoping he grows fast enough to breed in 2012. I think the best match will be Buzztail, Old School Bloodred het Anery. In addition, I would like to breed Lavender Tesseras! Step 1 will be breeding Firefly to Opal Stripe Mingo, producing Amel Tesseras het Lavender (not the goal!) and Tesseras het Amel Lavender Stripe. If I am lucky enough to produce a male, the next step will be breeding to Orchidee, Hypo Lavender Stripe and possibly Hyacinth, Lavender Bloodred Stripe. But that’s years down the road!  UPDATE!  A new guy has joined the project:  Zeph is a 2012 M Tessera het Lavender Bloodred.  Zeph will really speed things up!

Firefly 2011 M Red Factor Tessera het Amel Bloodred

Buzztail 2006 F Bloodred het Anery

Zeph 2012 M Tessera het Lavender Bloodred

Mingo 2009 F Opal Stripe


Orchidee 2009 F Hypo Lavender Stripe

Cinder Lava Stripe:

I saw my first Cinder Lava this year and immediately wondered what it would look like in stripe. Here to help me find out is Twizzler, Lava Stripe female, bred by Danny Wynne. She’s possible het amel and lavender. The male Cinder Lava, Cupcake,  has arrived from Low Belly Reptiles, and both are growing well.   I’m very excited to get this project started in 2015 or 2016.

Twizzler 2012 F Lava Stripe

Cupcake 2011 M Cinder Lava

Hypo Cinder/Amel Cinder/Plain Cinder Stripes:

This project is just starting!  In 2012 I bred Heart Attack, the world’s first Peppermint Stripe to Nadia, a Hypo Stripe het Bloodred.  These adults were on loan from Carol Huddleston, Low Belly Reptiles.  While most of the clutch was returned to Carol, I chose two keepers to stay at SnickerSnakes.  They will be ready to produce Cinder Stripes in three different varieties, starting in 2015!

Squirrel M 2012 Amel Stripe het Hypo Cinder


Chipmunk F 2012 Stripe het Hypo Amel Cinder


Lavender Pewter Stripe:

Bred by John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, Jacinto, Iris and Violet are the 2010 foundation of the Lavender Pewter Stripe project. All are Lavenders, all het Bloodred, Charcoal and Stripe. In addition to the Stripes, I hope to produce some high-quality banded snakes including Lavender, Lavblood, Charcoal Lavender and Pewter Lavender.  While Iris was on loan to Rich Doughty, Corn Creations, she produced some gorgeous hatchlings, including the FIRST Lavender Charcoal Stripe.  In 2013, Violet is on loan to Corn Creations, to breed with Diablo, Lavender Pewter, het/homo Hypo.  UPDATE!!  Annie is here on loan from Colorado Corns, to breed to Jacinto.  Annie is a Rich Hume Bloodred, het Hypo, Anery, Charcoal, Lavender and Stripe.  This pair will breed in 2013.  Status:  waiting for Annie to shed.

Jacinto 2010 M Lavender het Pewter Stripe

Annie 2010 F Bloodred het Hypo Anery Charcoal Lavender Stripe

Iris 2010 F Lavender het Pewter Stripe

Violet 2010 F Lavender het Pewter Stripe

Hypo Lavender Stripe:

Razzle and Orchidee are of Serpenco origins. One or both may also be used in a future Striped Lavblood project. Orchidee is on loan to Jarrett Kime and Troy Crosby, The Cornnection, for the 2013 breeding season.

Razzle 2009 M Hypo Lavender Stripe

Orchidee 2009 F Hypo Lavender Stripe


Opal Stripe:

Everyone knows Mango!!  Mango and Mingo are my Opal Stripe pair.  They are extremely gentle and friendly, and ravenous feeders! This project boasts bloodlines from VMS and Serpenco.

Mango 2008 M Opal Stripe

Mingo 2009 F Opal Stripe


I am so pleased to add this pair of JMG Terrazzos to my collection! UPDATE! Zoey is on loan to Jarrett and Troy of The Cornnection for 2012 and 2013.

Zeke 2009 M Terrazzo

Zoey 2009 F Terrazzo

Rosy Lavender Bloodred

In partnership with John Finsterwald of Colorado Corns, I will be breeding Rosy Blood Fred to Lavender Bloodred Lily to produce the first generation of Bloodreds het Rosy Lavender. Most if not all of these offspring will be held back and bred together to produce Rosy Lavbloods in the F2 generation. The SMR line of Rosy Bloods originated with a wild-caught pair and are believed to carry the Kastanie gene. In addition, Fred will be paired with John’s Hypo Lavender Bloodred, Penelope! **UPDATE** After another year of failure, I am giving this project a rest for 2012.

Fred 2007 M Rosy Blood


Lily 2007 F Lavender Bloodred


Lavender Bloodred Stripe: The Extras

This group contains snakes from a variety of sources including Serpenco, Colorado Corns, and Low Belly Reptiles. Future offspring from this group may be combined with Hypo Lavender Stripes, with a goal of Striped Lavblood!

Draco 2009 M Lavender Bloodred het Hypo Charcoal


Lily 2007 F Lavender Bloodred


Jasper 2007 M Hypo Bloodred ph Lavender


Boot Keys Pure Locality

Phoenix and Scarlett come from a wild-caught, straight from Boot Key pair of rosy ratsnakes. They are only one generation removed from their wild, pure locality parents. They were produced by Strange Cargo Exotics, and I feel very lucky to have acquired them. They are quite different from typical cornsnakes, and must be seen to appreciate their unique qualities. UPDATE: John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, now owns the Boot Keys. John plans to breed this pair in 2013!!

Phoenix 2008 M Boot Key Pure Locality


Scarlett 2008 F Boot Key Pure Locality


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