The babies are here, the babies are here!!! Pepper and Annabelle’s clutch hatched this weekend. There is nearly a 50:50 split of Avalanches and Fires, with a couple Stripes of each. Not a single Bloodred or Granite! Look at the colorful baby pile I woke up to Sunday morning! The first egg was slit Friday morning and when I arrived home Friday afternoon a little pink head was poking out. A few hours later the first hatchling emerged, an Avalanche Stripe, the target morph! What could be better than that? Well, it turns out something even more exciting was in store! I woke up very early Saturday morning and went to check the pips. There was a tiny head, with dark eyes. I got my camera for a close up. Wait…The eyes are blue! The pupils are ruby! What could this mean? This is not a Granite!! Well, it turns out that Pepper, the daddy, has a gene for Hypo as well, and the little unexpected surprise hatchling is a Ghost Bloodred Stripe! (Below, left) Wow!!

After the amazing start, hatchlings were emerging right and left. Avalanches, Fires, another Avalanche Stripe and finally a Fire Stripe! (Above, right) And what a beauty!! Then more Avalanches, more Fires, another Fire Stripe!! What a great clutch. Now, Monday morning, there are three babies left in the eggs, Avalanches and Fires. Hoping for Stripes! I’m very surprised that this clutch didn’t contain any Granites or Bloodreds. But this is even better! Thank you, John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, for the loan of your lovely female, Annabelle. These Rich Hume beauties made gorgeous babies together! (Stay tuned: the next clutch, Fred x Penelope, is due to hatch in about two weeks)!

Zora was the first to go, producing a clutch of 12, but only four look fertile to me. This clutch will be Miami Motleys– just give me one nice Pinstripe, please!! Zora and her mate El Wray are the finest Huddleston Miamis.

Annabelle more than made up for it, popping out a clutch of 19 beautiful fertile beauties. Annabelle is a Hypo Bloodred het Amel, Anery and Stripe bred to Pepper, the Avalanche Stripe. This should be an amazing clutch with up to eight different morphs! Bloodreds, Fires, Granites and Avalanches in Saddles and Stripes!! John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, is the co-breeder. Both parents are Rich Hume stock.

Fred, left, the Rosyblood on loan from John Finsterwald of Colorado Corns has been breeding with Penelope, Hypo Lavender Bloodred, a Rich Hume snake also on loan from John. The offspring will be Bloodreds, het for Hypo Lavender Kastanie. Needless to say, John and I are anxiously awating this clutch! Meanwhile, Pepper, right, the Rich Hume Avalanche Stripe and Annabelle, Hypo Bloodred het Amel, Anery and Stripe (also Rich Hume, on loan from Colorado Corns) continue to breed successfully, with three breedings completed so far! They are such a striking pair.

El Wray, left, has mated with Zora successfully five times and is now back with last season’s sweetheart, Cherry. This couple produced a gorgeous clutch with a variety of Miami types, including stunning Classic Miamis, a wonderful Milksnake Phase, and the biggest surprise of all, a single Amel! I loved the last two hatchlings so much I kept them, and I think Milky Milksnake, right, will add some excellent genes to my Milksnake Phase project in a couple years!

The 2011 breeding season is underway! First to mate were Miami Motleys El Wray and Zora (above left). This pair has mated five times already and now Miss Zora will be exercising and eating to support her growing embryos! I am hoping that at least some of the babies will exhibit Zora’s Fully-Pinstriped pattern. Pepper, Avalanche Stripe and Annabelle, Hypo Bloodred Het Anery, Amel and Stripe (above right) have also started breeding. Their clutch will be a nice mix of hatchlings with Saddles or Stripes, in Bloodred, Fire, Granite and Avalanche! The parents are both Rich Hume stock, which is top-notch when it comes to Bloodred Stripes. I am very grateful to John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, for loaning Annabelle to me to make this breeding possible!

I am also very excited to announce a new addition: Yuri, 2009 Lava Bloodred. Yuri was bred by Rich Hume. The cool thing about Yuri is she is possible het Stripe and Anery, which will be easy to prove out by breeding her to Pepper for the start of the Lava Bloodred Stripe Project! In addition, Yuri may be ph Caramel. Yuri will be of breeding size in 2012 or 2013. She is extremely sweet and gentle. Isn’t she a beauty?

While I’m waiting for the females to start showing interest in the males, I thought I would get some outdoor pictures. First up is Gartersnake the M 2010 SMR Tessera. Gartersnake is tough to photograph because he will not hold still! I thought I would try putting him in a tree and hope he decided to hang on! Luckily, he was very cooperative.

I also needed to take some pictures of Napalm, 2010 SnickerSnakes Bloodred, for a prospective buyer. Napalm was a perfect model, and I got some of the best photos ever! Napalm is quite typical of this clutch. They get more red and more diffused with each shed. Napalm will be traveling to Pennsylvania when the weather warms up, and brothers Baby C and Granite are waiting to go to Ohio and Maine. Molten has relocated to El Cajon, California and Lova is pursuing his modeling career near Eugene, Oregon. I’m sad to see them go, and amazed that they have scattered to all corners of the US. Good luck in your new homes, babies!

Cornsnakes are relatively easy to care for and most will live into their teens or twenties as long as you provide a few basic items. Read more!

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