Loaner Snakes?

  Heart Attack, Amel Cinder Stripe left  Yes- snakes go out on breeding loans for a variety of reasons- usually so two snakes with desirable genes can meet and make beautiful hatchlings together, despite being owned by different people.  There are a number of loaner snakes here at SnickerSnakes, the most famous of them being Heart Attack, the first Peppermint Stripe ever produced.  Heart was bred by Carol Huddleston, Low Belly Reptiles, and has been with me since he was just a baby.  He came to SnickerSnakes for extra-special personal care, and has grown and thrived.  Heart sired his first clutch last year (two of which can be seen on my Projects page) and has two lovely ladies lined up for 2013!

Daisy, right, is a pretty, sweet-tempered Tessera, here on loan from Chip Bridges, in a collaboration with Low Belly Reptiles.  Daisy is het Amel and Stripe.  She has settled in wonderfully and is enjoying the warm sunny weather, waiting for her date with Heart Attack.  Daisy is just a pleasure to have here.  My role in this project is matchmaker!

Jarrett Kime and Troy Crosby of The Cornnection have sent me two gorgeous girls on breeding loan.  I am extremely excited to be caring for Daphne, the very first Sunkissed Stripe, hatched by Dr. Jeff Mohr.  Daphne will also be introduced to Heart Attack and again, my role is simply just that of matchmaker.

In addition to Daphne, Jarrett and Troy have generously loaned me their most beautiful Abberant Abbott’s Okeetee, Madras.  Madras is yet another sweet girl (see the theme here?) who is a joy to care for.  And Madras is oh so beautiful!  Madras will be pairing up with Gartersnake, my SMR Okeetee Tessera.  We are super-excited about the possibilities of this pairing!

Daphne, left and Madras and Gartersnake, right.

Last but certainly not least is Annie, right, a gorgeous Bloodred het Hypo, Anery, Charcoal, Lavender and Stripe.  Annie is here on loan from John Finsterwald of Colorado Corns.  Annie will be bred to Jacinto, the Lavender het Charcoal Bloodred Stripe.  The possibilities in that cross are amazing!  Annie is fresh out of brumation and is probably wondering what in the world happened to the weather, going from freezing Colorado to warm sunny Florida overnight.  Annie is a Rich Hume snake.  John and I are really looking forward to this very diverse clutch!

Breeding is just around the corner, and Madras is the first female to go blue.  Very shortly I know what I’ll be doing every Sunday evening.  Stay tuned for details!  Now that I’m finally down to just a handful of 2012’s to care for, after an all-time high of nearly 90, I’m hoping I will be able to update this blog a lot more frequently.

Cornsnakes are relatively easy to care for and most will live into their teens or twenties as long as you provide a few basic items. Read more!

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