First 2012 Hatchlings Have Arrived!!

When I realized I would be traveling when the Miami clutch was due to hatch I set up a Hatching Bin in the rack. I filled a bin with damp moss and put the two soon-to-hatch egg containers in, with tiny water bowls in the egg containers, with the lids ajar in case the hatchlings wanted to get out and explore. I put a shallow water bowl down in the moss. When I returned Friday night there were 27 hatchlings waiting for me to rescue them and set them up in their own bins.

I was surprised to uncover an amel Miami, who was joined later that night by a second one. The Miami babies have all shed and fed once, and it looks like I have a lot of nice Milksnake-Phase, as well as some very pretty classic Miamis. The Miami babies will be getting their second meals tonight, and will be offered for sale soon. I love this photo of Baby D and his daddy, Milky. It’s amazing how much they change in a couple years!

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