An Avalanche of Fires!!!

The babies are here, the babies are here!!! Pepper and Annabelle’s clutch hatched this weekend. There is nearly a 50:50 split of Avalanches and Fires, with a couple Stripes of each. Not a single Bloodred or Granite! Look at the colorful baby pile I woke up to Sunday morning! The first egg was slit Friday morning and when I arrived home Friday afternoon a little pink head was poking out. A few hours later the first hatchling emerged, an Avalanche Stripe, the target morph! What could be better than that? Well, it turns out something even more exciting was in store! I woke up very early Saturday morning and went to check the pips. There was a tiny head, with dark eyes. I got my camera for a close up. Wait…The eyes are blue! The pupils are ruby! What could this mean? This is not a Granite!! Well, it turns out that Pepper, the daddy, has a gene for Hypo as well, and the little unexpected surprise hatchling is a Ghost Bloodred Stripe! (Below, left) Wow!!

After the amazing start, hatchlings were emerging right and left. Avalanches, Fires, another Avalanche Stripe and finally a Fire Stripe! (Above, right) And what a beauty!! Then more Avalanches, more Fires, another Fire Stripe!! What a great clutch. Now, Monday morning, there are three babies left in the eggs, Avalanches and Fires. Hoping for Stripes! I’m very surprised that this clutch didn’t contain any Granites or Bloodreds. But this is even better! Thank you, John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, for the loan of your lovely female, Annabelle. These Rich Hume beauties made gorgeous babies together! (Stay tuned: the next clutch, Fred x Penelope, is due to hatch in about two weeks)!

Cornsnakes are relatively easy to care for and most will live into their teens or twenties as long as you provide a few basic items. Read more!

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