The Ladies Are Laying!!

Zora was the first to go, producing a clutch of 12, but only four look fertile to me. This clutch will be Miami Motleys– just give me one nice Pinstripe, please!! Zora and her mate El Wray are the finest Huddleston Miamis.

Annabelle more than made up for it, popping out a clutch of 19 beautiful fertile beauties. Annabelle is a Hypo Bloodred het Amel, Anery and Stripe bred to Pepper, the Avalanche Stripe. This should be an amazing clutch with up to eight different morphs! Bloodreds, Fires, Granites and Avalanches in Saddles and Stripes!! John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, is the co-breeder. Both parents are Rich Hume stock.

Cornsnakes are relatively easy to care for and most will live into their teens or twenties as long as you provide a few basic items. Read more!

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