More Pairs Are Breeding!

Fred, left, the Rosyblood on loan from John Finsterwald of Colorado Corns has been breeding with Penelope, Hypo Lavender Bloodred, a Rich Hume snake also on loan from John. The offspring will be Bloodreds, het for Hypo Lavender Kastanie. Needless to say, John and I are anxiously awating this clutch! Meanwhile, Pepper, right, the Rich Hume Avalanche Stripe and Annabelle, Hypo Bloodred het Amel, Anery and Stripe (also Rich Hume, on loan from Colorado Corns) continue to breed successfully, with three breedings completed so far! They are such a striking pair.

El Wray, left, has mated with Zora successfully five times and is now back with last season’s sweetheart, Cherry. This couple produced a gorgeous clutch with a variety of Miami types, including stunning Classic Miamis, a wonderful Milksnake Phase, and the biggest surprise of all, a single Amel! I loved the last two hatchlings so much I kept them, and I think Milky Milksnake, right, will add some excellent genes to my Milksnake Phase project in a couple years!

Cornsnakes are relatively easy to care for and most will live into their teens or twenties as long as you provide a few basic items. Read more!

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