And They’re Off!!

The 2011 breeding season is underway! First to mate were Miami Motleys El Wray and Zora (above left). This pair has mated five times already and now Miss Zora will be exercising and eating to support her growing embryos! I am hoping that at least some of the babies will exhibit Zora’s Fully-Pinstriped pattern. Pepper, Avalanche Stripe and Annabelle, Hypo Bloodred Het Anery, Amel and Stripe (above right) have also started breeding. Their clutch will be a nice mix of hatchlings with Saddles or Stripes, in Bloodred, Fire, Granite and Avalanche! The parents are both Rich Hume stock, which is top-notch when it comes to Bloodred Stripes. I am very grateful to John Finsterwald, Colorado Corns, for loaning Annabelle to me to make this breeding possible!

I am also very excited to announce a new addition: Yuri, 2009 Lava Bloodred. Yuri was bred by Rich Hume. The cool thing about Yuri is she is possible het Stripe and Anery, which will be easy to prove out by breeding her to Pepper for the start of the Lava Bloodred Stripe Project! In addition, Yuri may be ph Caramel. Yuri will be of breeding size in 2012 or 2013. She is extremely sweet and gentle. Isn’t she a beauty?

Cornsnakes are relatively easy to care for and most will live into their teens or twenties as long as you provide a few basic items. Read more!

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